We offer a special package for most of your businesses' digital marketing needs, if not all. Our monthly plan includes Social Media Marketing, Website Management, Business Listing Management, Reputation Management, and Campaigns Management.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Accounts Management. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, etc. Creative and trending content. Unlimited Stories. Customer Engagement. Response to Comments and Inquiries.

Website Management

Website updates. Promotional Banners. Pop-ups. Content Writing. Basic On-Page SEO.

Business Listing Management

Manage Business listing Tools. Google My Business. Yelp. Trip Advisor, etc. Google Analytics. Google Ads. Google Posts. Yelp Ads. Yelp Connect, etc.

Reputation Management

Response to reviews on Major Platforms, i.e., Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc., 100% response rate. Removal of Fake Reviews.

Campaigns Management

Promotional Campaigns and Events. Event Tickets Online. Mass Email Campaign. Mass SMS Campaign. MMS Campaign. Unsubscribe List Updates. Pay-Per-Click. Youtube Ads.


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